P.R.O.O.F T-Shirts $12.00
P.R.O.O.F T-Shirts $12.00
P.R.O.O.F : Reflections EP $6.00
P.R.O.O.F : Reflections EP $6.00

The New EP Reflections

This is the debut EP from NC's very own P.R.O.O.F. These guys know how to rock from the hard hitting guitar riffs to the bass lines that keep you grooving it... it's like watching a Mack truck slam into a wall at 75MPH. One thing on their mind, during both recording and Live on-stage, is Jesus and doing his work. In today's world of cookie cutter rock bands P.R.O.O.F stands out in a league of their own with songs like "Don't Miss A Beat" & "Brand New Day" that truly let the listener know to not miss your chance to know Christ on a personal level and also that there is a Brand New Day coming. 2008 has been a blessed year for these guys from recording the EP to signing a Mgmt/Booking deal with Sound Faith Music... to playing crazy shows these guys are blessed to be where God has them now and are looking to the future from what God has in store for them. If you purchase the EP it will be autographed by the band.

Track Listings
1.Don't Miss A Beat
2.Brand New Day
4.Back To You
5.Change Within

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